Meeting Minutes

ACRL-NM SIG Meeting Notes
NMLA Annual Conference, Albuquerque
1:45pm Friday, November 4, 2016

Chair: Sarah Allison
Secretary/Treasurer/Minutes: Lea Briggs
Members in attendance: Sarah Allison, Lea Briggs, Stephanie Carter, and John Sandstrom

Agenda Item Discussion

  1. Sarah Allison
    • Minutes from Oct. 22, 2015 approved.
  2. 2016 Elections
    • September 29-October 7 – collected nominations for officers. Then held online election for officers (Oct. 24-31) to begin terms at NMLA Annual conference 2016.
    • 2016-2017 Officers:
      1. Chair, Leslie Monsalve-Joens 2016-2017 (1-year position) – not able to attend this meeting
      2. Secretary/Treasurer, Lea Briggs, 2015-2017 (2-year position)
      3. Chair-elect, Stephanie Carter, 2017-2018 (1-year position)
  3. Updates – Sarah Allison
    • Met the three goals set at last NMLA Annual:
      1. Created a blog for the Chapter Google Drive account created to house document
      2. List-serv
      3. Academic track at NMLA
    • ALA Chapters Council – Sarah Allison attended this meeting at ALA Annual in Orlando.
    • She suggests choosing no more than 3 area of focus per year.
    • Based on low attendance of this meeting, consider not scheduling SIG meetings on Friday afternoon.
  4. This year’s areas of focus
    • Reviewed list of suggestions from the first meeting and selected these items to work on for the coming year:
      1. ACRL – SIG Sponsor a poster session for NMLA
        1. Action item: Chair will put out a call to list-serv for a point-person
        2. Be a liaison with local arrangements committee and program planning committee
      2. Sponsor a pre-conference at NMLA on Copyright with an ACRL speaker – Stephanie Carter will investigate options
      3. Move forward with populating online newsletter content
    • ACTION: Chair will send out announcement to list-serv calling for content for the newsletter.
    • ACTION: Chair will contact Andrew Johnson about storage capacity for website

Meeting adjourned at 2:27pm.


ACRL-NM SIG Meeting Notes
NMLA Annual Conference, Albuquerque
2pm Thursday, October 22, 2015

Chair: Robin Potter
Secretary/Treasurer/Minutes: Lea Briggs

Members in attendance: Robin Potter, Sarah Allison, Leslie Monsalve-Joens, Lea Briggs, Lori Townsend, Peg Johnson

  Agenda Item Discussion
1.    Status of ACRL-NM SIG & updates – Robin Potter Robin Potter and Sarah Allison undertook efforts over the past year to revitalize the ACRL-NM chapter. Reworked and updated bylaws from previous iteration of the organization. Filed paperwork with ACRL and NMLA. Robin filled the role of Chair and will continue as Past-Chair even though she will be leaving the state at the end of December 2015.

ALA Chapters Council – Robin and Sarah Allison attended this meeting at ALA Midwinter in Chicago. Highlights:

·         Saw a best practices presentation on how to get library students involved in the organization.

·         Most ACRL chapters are associated with state library associations.

·         As a chapter, we now have access to webinars (2 per fiscal year). They need to occur/attended on-site.

·         Our chapter will get $100 in annual funding, based on ACRL membership (there are approximately 85 ACRL members in NM and they do not need to be in the SIG to count towards the SIG’s funding level). Funds to be used for events and activities, but not for travel.

·         Only the Chair and Chair-elect need to be ACRL members.

·         As an NMLA SIG, all members need to be members of NMLA.

2.    2015 Elections ·         Mini-membership drive September 14-25 to join NMLA and indicate interest in Academic SIG. Approximately 40 individuals indicated interest.

·         September 28-October 2 – collected nominations for officers. Then held online election for officers to begin terms at NMLA Annual conference 2015.

·         2015-2016 Officers:

o   Chair, Sarah Allison (1 year position)

o   Secretary/Treasurer, Lea Briggs (2 year position)

o   Chair-elect, Leslie Monsalve-Joens (1 year position)

3.    Ideas for the future – from officers and members ·         Encourage or sponsor poster sessions at NMLA

·         Sponsor a research competition

·         Offer a NMLA pre-conference workshop

·         Online newsletter of success stories

·         Bring an ACRL speaker to NMLA Annual

·         Web presence – blog, or section on NMLA website

·         Offer ACRL workshops

·         Promote academic activity and opportunities

4. Topics of interest to the membership ·         Copyright

·         Instruction – broader than information literacy

·         Repository of resources to share and collaborate

·         Research – tenure-track; writing group

·         Collaborative collection development

·         Keeping up with trends

5. Connectivity options ·         Google Hangouts

·         Universities often have Adobe Connect or other platforms for hosting webinars

·         NMLA  has a Google group and we can have a sub-group

·         Blog:

·         Bylaws require an annual meeting at NMLA Annual conference. Optional meeting at NMLA Mini-conference

 Meeting adjourned at 2:45pm.