Here are some upcoming webinars and call for papers that we hope our members will find useful:

Hitting the Service Ceiling: The Prohibitive Cost of Professional Development in Academic Librarianship (and Why We Aren’t Presenting at ACRL 2021)

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Call for Proposals: South Carolina Conference on Information Literacy! deadline extended to April 9

Join us in 2021 for the South Carolina Conference on Information Literacy!


SCCIL ’21 will be held virtually August 4 – 6.

  • Call for Proposals extended to April 9, 2021
  • Acceptance notifications by April 30th
  • Registration Opens – June 30th

The South Carolina Conference on Instruction Literacy is a new conference focused on providing instruction librarians a space for professional development and networking opportunities. Based in Charleston, South Carolina, we welcome any and all librarians who are interested in learning about new classroom strategies, instruction ideas, or anything else involved in teaching students information literacy skills.

Please think about and prepare proposals engaging with the theme of RESHAPING THE FUTURE OF INSTRUCTION. How have you reshaped the future of your practice? What strategies do you employ to prepare for potential instruction issues? What pedagogies, tools, or practices have you considered (or discarded) on your path? How have you prepared for changes in your practice due to the current environment? What have you changed based on previous setbacks?

  • We’d love to see proposals about:
    • Engagement & Outreach
    • Critical Information Literacy
    • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Instructional Services
    • Assessment
    • Pedagogy/Andragogy
    • Hiring (writing job descriptions), Onboarding, and Management in Instructional Services
    • Professional Tips for New Instruction Librarians
    • Reflective Practice, Morale, & Self Care
    • Technology tools for creating instruction
    • Active learning in an online environment
    • Tutorials/Asynchronous Instruction
  • Format Types:
    • 60+ minute sessions:
      • Mediated Roundtable – you come up with a problem that can be solved and serve as the mediator in a small group of people
      • Cracker Barrel (rotating presentations) – The Cracker Barrel is a very short session repeated three times in 75-mins. The presenter usually provides a brief introduction to the topic, and participants are invited to comment and ask questions. After 20 minutes, when the bell rings, participants will move on to another breakout session, and the presenter will repeat the presentation to a new group. Three groups will pass by each breakout session in a 75-mins period.
    • 50 minute sessions:
      • Panel discussions (4+ speakers)
      • Problem based discussion – you come up with a problem that can be solved and serve as the mediator in a small group of people.
      • Project demonstrations – show how you went about creating an instructional element in a software or course outline. Example – How did you make a one shot session to embed within a course?
      • Expert lecture – share your study data with us!
    • 20 minute sessions:
      • Mini-lecture w/Q&A
    • Poster Session
  • Intended Audience:
    • The SCCIL Conference seeks to bring together a group of librarians, educators and practitioners for presentations, discussions and networking. We encourage participation from all types of libraries such as academic, community, museums, libraries (K-12, higher education, public, special), institutions, and organizations.

Direct questions to:


Call for papers for: Reference Services Review

Anti-Racist Action in Libraries

April 18: Abstract due

More information can be found at:


Check out We Here Community School for upcoming seminars!


Our members are welcome to email Kelleen Maluski at if interested in attending a writing/project group Kelleen co-hosts 



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